Pat Pimm, MLA Peace River North

10104 100th St.

Fort St. John, BC

V1J 3Y7


May 3, 2011


Dear Pat:


The North Peace Rod and Gun Club has been a significant contributor to the North Peace community for over 66 years now, starting with a few dedicated sportsmen and women in April of 1945 and having grown to a membership of well over 500 in 2011. It has come to our attention that government is considering delaying the scheduled 2012 implementation of the Wildlife Harvest Allocation Policy and may even be considering opening the policy for revision. We know that these considerations are as a result of intensive lobbying from the Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia and the Harvest Allocation Policy Review, also known as the Trumpy report.


While not perfect for resident hunters, the North Peace Rod and Gun Club supports the allocation policy and its full implementation for the 2012 hunting season. GOABC has already had four years of partial implementation of the policy intended to provide guides with time to adjust their business practices to minimize the effect of the policy. They still have another year to work on their business plans before full implementation.


The Trumpy report was written with little consultation with the 95,000 plus hunters in British Columbia or the organizations that represent them.  The Trumpy report also does not consider the impact of not implementing the allocation policy on resident hunters and the associated economic ramifications on businesses that support resident hunting activities across the Province. We suspect that you are well aware of the economic value of resident hunting in the North Peace. The North Peace Rod and Gun Club and the BC Wildlife Federation reject all but a few of the Trumpy report recommendations and find it a document that panders to the needs of GOABC while ignoring the impact on the hunters and business owners whom are residents of, and voters in, the province of BC.


We understand that the date of implementation and the integrity of the Wildlife Harvest Allocation Policy are going to be decided by the Liberal cabinet. Pat, the North Peace Rod and Gun Club and its 500 plus members urge you to well represent the concerns of the resident hunters whom you represent when providing input to those members of the Liberal cabinet who will be making the decision.


Yours in conservation,



North Peace Rod and Gun Club (Members of the BCWF)