Executive Summary

Mountain goats are relatively abundant and found throughout the Peace Region. To better assess abundance and distribution of mountain goats across the Peace Region, a 5-year regional population assessment began in 2013. As part of this multi-year project, an aerial classified total count of mountain goats was conducted July 3-11, 2014 (Year 2 of 5) in Management Units 7-36, 7-43, and 7-57 of the Peace Region and Management Unit 7-37 of the Omineca Region of British Columbia. During the survey a total of 290 mountain goats were counted: 190 adults (males and females combined), 42 juveniles (yearlings and 2-year olds combined), 55 kids, and 3 unclassified individuals. A 65% sightability correction factor was applied to the total number of mountain goats counted, bringing the estimated number to 446. Information obtained from survey results will be used to manage sustainable harvest of mountain goats.

The full report:

North Peace Goat Inventory July 2014