Changes to B.C.’s Wildlife Allocation Policy announced by Minister of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations Steve Thomson dramatically reduce residents’ access to wild game and increase the number of opportunities for non-residents of BC. If you care about your future hunting opportunities, read and listen to the background information linked to below, and take action:

Send Letters-Faxes-Emails to Your Representatives and the Media

Attend the Town Hall Meeting: 7 PM January 27, 2015 – Pomeroy Hotel 11308 Alaska Road

Background Information:

Letter from Minister Steve Thomson to BCWF president George Wilson explaining his allocation decision.

Allocation Splits.

Allocation Letter to MLA Pat Pimm

NPRG Allocation Mail-Out

BCWF Allocation Press Release 2014

Alaska Highway News Article

Alaska Highway News Letter to the Editor

In the News

Tips for Writing:

Guidelines for writing to your Member of the Legislative Assembly

Tips on Writing Effective Letters to the Editor

Sample Letters

Who to Write:

  • Pat Pimm 10104 100TH Fort St. John, BC, V1J 3Y7 FAX (250) 263-0104 Email
  • Steve Thomson Suite 102-2121 Ethel St. Kelowna, BC V1Y 2Z6 FAX (250) 712 3636 Email
  • Premiere Clark west Annex Parliament Buildings Victoria, V8V 1X4 Email FAX (250) 768-8436