BC Wildlife Federation Call to Action on Firearms Ban

How Important are your firearms to you?

The BC Wildlife Federation Firearms and Recreational Sports Shooting Committees are asking you to stand up for your firearm rights. The committees have outlined several steps you can take to let Canadian Members of Parliament know why you don’t support firearms bans.

The minority federal government has banned 1,500 models of semi-automatic long guns, and plan to bring in a program to purchase prohibited firearms back from several hundred thousand owners. Firearms Committee Chair Gary Mauser, calls the ban and buyback plan a “multi-billion-dollar boondoggle.”

More information on how you can let elected officials know you don’t support firearms bans..

BCWF President Bill Bosch’s letter to Minister Blair.

Joint letter from Doug Bancroft, chair of the BCWF’s Recreational Shooting Sports Committee and Gary Mauser, chair of the BCWF’s Firearms committee. Both of these committees have been supported financially by the North Peace Rod and Gun Club and Guy Lahaye, our president, sits on the RSS Committee.