Protect the Future of Hunting in B.C.

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March 12, 2021 Update

To date, the campaigns by the BC Wildlife Federation and The Wild Sheep Society of BC have generated approximately 11,000 letters. We need your help to keep the momentum going, so if you haven’t sent in your letter, please do it now. If you have, that’s great, but you can also help by spreading the word to you friends and family and by letting your MLA Dan Davies know that hunting and access to the backcountry are important to you.

The Issue

Over the past month, the anti-hunting movement has attracted headlines across the province. Now that grizzly bear hunting is closed, anti-hunting organizations are looking to close black bear, cougar and wolf hunting across the province. We expect this movement will continue to sheep and goat hunting as well as catch-and-release fishing. Some in the anti-hunting movement have recently suggested all hunting should be closed.

Hunters have historically been among the strongest advocates for wildlife. The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, widely recognized as the most successful model, was created by hunters and depends on them for its success. The future of conservation and hunting in British Columbia is at risk.

Recently, the BCWF has been in the media opposing the misinformed rhetoric villainizing hunters but more work needs to be done. The collection of interviews and articles can be found on the BCWF website.
The B.C. Wildlife Federation is working with the Wild Sheep Society of BC and other organizations to take a stand and fight back against the anti-hunting movement and we need your help. Our plan is to deliver at least 25,000 letters to the B.C. legislature by June.

Please go to the BCWF’s website to complete a letter of support on this initiative and to find out how to engage your elected officials on this important issue.

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