79 shooters braved the wind and the rain, but fortunately the weather improved as the day went on. There were some great scores considering the inclement and tricky shooting conditions. Each shooter was presented with a total of 150 targets, including 50 handicap targets just to make things even more difficult.

Photo of Tyler Mikkelson Hi overall 2108 Oilmen's Trap ShootPhoto of Team Twylight Hi Overall Team 2018 Oilmen's Trap Shoot

The overall high team was Twylight Pressure Controls with an aggregate score of 600 followed by Rapid Wireline with a total of 585 targets broken. The high overall shooter was Tyler Mikkelson breaking 137 targets with Dave Wallace in second place with a score of 132. Mike Nielsen was the high senior breaking 131 targets — it’s good to see Mike back out on the firing line again this year.

Full Results

Jesse Smith of High Prairie, Alberta was the high overall champion as the North Peace Rod and Gun Club hosted the annual Pacific International Trap Assocation shoot. Jesse has a great weekend breaking 556 out of a possible 600 targets considering the extremely blustery conditions that made the targets extra challenging. Full results.

The North Peace Rod and Gun Club is once again proud to sponsor the Pacific International Trap Association “Ram Buckle” Trapshoot at the NPR&GC range on May 27 and 28, 2017 including a total of 600 registered targets.

Saturday, May 27, 2017: 100 Singles|100 Handicap|100 Doubles

Sunday, May 28, 2017: 100 Doubles|100 Singles|100 Handicap

More details.

There was a bit of sun, a bit of cloudy weather and a whole lot of shooting. Longtime oilman and North Peace Rod and Gun Club member Dudley Wagner was honoured for his many years of commitment to the Fort St. John Petroleum Association and as an organizer of the first Oilmen’s Trapshoot.


High Overall:

1st Place Mike Nielsen with a score of 91/100

2nd Place Bruce Bell with a score of 89/100

High Senior:

Dave Wallace with a score of 89/100

High Teams:

1st Place Twilight Pressure Controls with a score of 413

2nd Place Rapid Wireline Services with a score of 397


On May 28, 2016, in rain and cold conditions (2.0 C) Mike Nielsen celebrated shooting his 50,000 P.I.T.A. registered target at North Peace Rod & Gun Club in Fort St. John B.C.   NPR&G is Mike’s home club, and he wanted to shoot his milestone with his fellow club members, friends and family present. Unique to this milestone is that Mike’s 50,000 targets have all been shot on Squad 1, from either post 1 or 5.

NPR&G presented Mike with an embroidered shooting vest marking the occasion, and Les Madsen presented Mike with his P.I.T.A. 50,000 pin and certificate. In appreciation for everyone in attendance, Mike gave out commemorative “shot” glasses, and bought a round for the house. Despite the cold and very wet weather everyone have a great weekend.

27 shooters took part in the event in all with Larry Norbeck coming out as the top overall shooter.

Keep reading to see the scores from the 3-day shoot.


May 28 and 29, 2016: Pacific International Trapshooting Association (P.I.T.A.) “Ram Buckle” Trap Shoot

600  P.I.T.A. Targets

May 30, 2016: P.I.T.A. Doubles Fun Shoot

500 P.I.T.A. Targets

See the shoot poster for more details.


23 shooters, including a couple of juniors, enjoyed the good weather at his year’s PITA shoot.


HOA Larry Norbeck 546
Class A Larry Norbeck 546
Class B Tyler Mekkelson 533
Class C Bob Allan 502
Junior Ben Sharpe 60 + 70 = 130
Unclassified Reece Doherty
1st 25 Straight
1st 50 Straight
Singles 91 + 97 = 188
Event # 1 & 5 Singles
A Tip Johnson 98 + 92 = 190
B Tyler Mekkelson 95 + 94 = 189
C Bob Allan 85 + 89 = 174
Event # 2 Handicap
Short Danny Johnson 90
Long Larry Norbeck 91
Event # 3 & 4 Doubles
A Larry Norbeck 93 + 90 = 183
B Kevin Hammel 87 + 91 = 178
C Tip Johnson 90 + 80 = 170
Event # 6 Handicap
Short Tyler Mekkelson 90
Long Larry Norbeck 92

The North Peace Rod and Gun Club is hosting a 600 Bird PITA Shoot on Saturday, May 23 and Sunday, May 24, 2015.

Saturday, May 23

Event 1: Singles 1st Half – 100 targets – classes A, B and C

Event 2: Handicap – 100 targets – short and long yardage trophies

Event 3: Doubles 1st Half – 100 targets – classes A, B, and C

Sunday, May 24

Event 4: Doubles 2nd Half – 100 targets – classes A, B, and C

Event 5: Singles 2nd Half – 100 targets – classes A, B and C

Event 6: Handicap – 100 targets – short and long yardage trophies

More information:


The organizers of the 2014 Oilmen’s Trap shoot would like to thank Northern Metalic for their generous sponsorship of the Browning 725 Over/Under shotgun as our major door prize, as well as Dave Jeffers and the CCT group for putting on the Saturday Dinner.Also Ace Instruments has been a generous sponsor for many years as our Hat Sponsor and they always have something to contribute to the card raffles.

Lynette Kitt with Unforgettable Memories and Sam Warren with St. John Advertising both did amazing jobs with the administration and scoring, making the chairman’s job a lot easier.

High Team

1st Place: Twylight Pressure Testers Score: 429

2nd Place: Ditmarsia Holdings Score: 413

High Overall

1st Place: Tyler Mikkelson Score: 95

2nd Place: Vern Turriff Score 94

Senior: Francis Andal Score:93

Complete Qualifiers



Event #1 Singles

Event #2 Handicap

A Larry Norbeck 99 Long Kevin Hammel 90
B Kevin Hammel 98 Mid Fred Bihun 93
C Mike Nielsen 96 Short Luc Chretien 97
D Kathy Bonar 91

Event #3 Doubles

Event #4 Singles

A Kevin Hammel 93 A Kevin Hammel 98
B Larry Norbeck 90 B Tip Johnson 98
C Fred Bihun 81 C Dave Wallace 93
D Bob Allan 81 D Rob Varga 95

Event #5 Handicap

Long Larry Norbeck 96
Mid Fred Bihun 87
Short Dave Wallace 94


High Overall Per Event (500 birds)

A Event – Larry Norbeck 471

B Event – Luc Chretien 461

C Event – Dave Wallace 450

D Event – Dave Bonar 427

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