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A weekend of fishing starts on June 14, 2014 with free Kids Learn to Fish classes for children ages 5 to 15 and followed by the Father’s Day Fishing Derby on June 15, 2014. We are looking for volunteers and donations to help support these worthwhile events.


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Here is the most recent report on the Moberly Lake trout rehabilitation project.

Executive Summary

Lake trout declines in Moberly Lake have been a matter of public concern since at least the early 1970’s. A series of standardised habitat assessments completed by Horne (2003) and Anderson (2007a) indicate that habitat quality is excellent, and that the long and varied history of harvest pressures was responsible for lake trout declines.

Lake trout stock assessment and mark-recapture work completed from 2005-2012 indicates that lake trout are at critically low abundance (less than 500 fish ? 35cm) and that a nearly total collapse in recruitment is occurring, the combination of which may lead to extirpation within a ten-year period (Anderson 2009).

The recruitment failures are believed to be the result of cultivation-depensation interactions within the larger fish community, and most likely involve lake whitefish (and/or perhaps slimy sculpins; Anderson 2009).

In collaboration with the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC (FFSBC), a series of three rehabilitative stocking efforts have been undertaken in an effort to re-establish the species community balance in Moberly Lake and promote successful recruitment of lake trout to the population. To this end, the first successful egg-take was completed in fall 2010, using Moberly lake trout as brood stock. The progeny were hatchery-reared until release as large yearlings in the spring of 2012. The second egg-take was completed in the fall of 2012, again using native brood stock, with progeny intended for release in the spring of 2014. One last egg collection and subsequent stocking is planned for the fall of 2014 and spring of 2016 respectively.

The main intent of this report is to document the activities completed since the time of last reporting (2010-2012 inclusive), and provide an update on results of the continuing data analyses.

Complete Report

The weather turned beautiful and Charlie Lake was filled with boats and eager fishers for the 2013 Father’s Day fishing derby.

Dad’s Catch of the Day article in the Alaska Highway News.

Kids Winners:

1st – Austin Barber – 3lb 1oz  25.5 inches – pike
2nd – Montana Christianson – 2lb 11oz   23.5 inches – walleye
3rd – Jillian Stone – 2lb 3oz  18.75 inches – walleye
4th – Lincon Bueckert – 2lb 1oz  19.5 inches –  pike

Adult Winners:

1st – Al Williams – 4lb 10oz  27.5 inches – pike
2nd – Garrett Gejdos – 2lb 6oz  22 inches – pike
3rd – Charene Christianson – 2lb 2oz  18.25 inches – walleye

Tammi Drapeau and her crew of volunteers lead two full classes of 25 children through the basics of fishing. The windy conditions made casting a challenge, but the kids, volunteers and parents looked pleased with the event. The North Peace Rod and Gun Club provided each child with a rod, real, and some fishing accessories that they took home with them.

You can read more about the event on Energetic City’s website.

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All children must be registered prior to June 15, 2013 as there are limited spaces. Registration starts on June 1, 2013 by calling or dropping in to Backcountry. (250) 785-1461

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Do you catch and retain fish on the Peace River?  On behalf of BC Hydro, Golder Associates Ltd. is completing a Human Health Assessment, as a component of the Environmental Assessment for the proposed Site C Clean Energy Project.  We are currently gathering information on the amount and type of fish caught and consumed from the Peace River and its tributaries.  If you fish on the Peace, would you consider taking this quick 5 minute survey before November 16, 2012?  All information we obtain from you today will remain confidential and anonymous.  Thanks for your input.

Click here to take survey

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On June 18 Tammi Drapeau from Backcountry along with other volunteers hosted a Kids Learn to Fish Day at Inga Lake on behalf of the North Peace Rod & Gun Club (NPRGC). 35 kids between the ages of 5 – 15 years old attended this free event.

“We met at the Inga Lake boat launch for a quick explanation of our plans for the afternoon. We then walked over to the spawning channel for a tour led by Cyril Jones. After meeting back at the boat launch to hand out brand new fishing rods and tackle to each and every kid, we met up at the east side of the lake to learn how to fish! We had so many kids that they had to stand elbow to elbow at the waters edge. After a quick lesson on gear and how to put a jig on, we were happily fishing.  Parents sat on the sidelines and enjoyed the afternoon while I and a couple of wonderful helpers untangled lines and gave lessons on casting. A couple of fish were caught that afternoon on worms that kids had graduated to after learning how to cast a jig. It was a very fun and relaxing afternoon for all who attended.

The following afternoon Backcountry, along with many local sponsors, hosted a Family Father’s Day Fishing Derby. Many who attended the Kids Learn to Fish Day were participants in the derby. Lots of fish were caught by all and the kids were so proud to show off their new found fishing abilities. We had an amazing weekend and thoroughly enjoyed the quality time with our families and friends.”

Submitted by

Tammi Drapeau

Backcountry Fishing

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