On May 28, 2016, in rain and cold conditions (2.0 C) Mike Nielsen celebrated shooting his 50,000 P.I.T.A. registered target at North Peace Rod & Gun Club in Fort St. John B.C.   NPR&G is Mike’s home club, and he wanted to shoot his milestone with his fellow club members, friends and family present. Unique to this milestone is that Mike’s 50,000 targets have all been shot on Squad 1, from either post 1 or 5.

NPR&G presented Mike with an embroidered shooting vest marking the occasion, and Les Madsen presented Mike with his P.I.T.A. 50,000 pin and certificate. In appreciation for everyone in attendance, Mike gave out commemorative “shot” glasses, and bought a round for the house. Despite the cold and very wet weather everyone have a great weekend.

27 shooters took part in the event in all with Larry Norbeck coming out as the top overall shooter.

Keep reading to see the scores from the 3-day shoot.


Is the government giving away your right to hunt, fish, hike, snowmobile and otherwise recreate in the backcountry?

Concerned Citizens Need to Attend the Public Meeting

Pomeroy Hotel

7 PM on Saturday, March 12, 2016.


The Issues:

  1. Lack of Government Transparency
  2. Lack of Consultation with Major Stakeholders
  3. Land Transfers to First Nations and Maintaining Public Access
  4. Moose Management in the Peace-Liard


Note that the Guide Territory boundaries are accurate, but some territories have changed hands since the data files to create the map were created.

Download the the data files (KMZ/KML) to use in Google Earth or other applications.

Guide Territory Boundaries

Region 7B Wildlife Management Units


What an amazing weekend we had. The weather was great and there were a lot of happy people. Many kids from previous years of the Kids Learn to Fish program came out to join us to practice their skills and to encourage the the two full classes of 25 new kids each.
About half of the kids from the classes on Saturday came out on Sunday to the Fishing Derby to show off what they had learned. Our Kids 1st prize winner was actually in the Kids Learn to Fish program the day before! I absolutely love that we invite people to come out and play and relax and so many people came.
Here is a list of the winners from the Fishing Derby too.


1st PRIZE – Chris Lofgren   7lb 11oz   30 3/4″ Pike

2nd PRIZE – Kehlan Huhn   5lb  27 1/4″ Pike

3rd PRIZE –  Lane Navrati    3lb 10oz  24 3/4″ Pike

KIDS (15yrs & younger)

1st PRIZE – Liam Harris  3lb 10oz  19 1/2″ Whitefish

2nd PRIZE – Dreama Huhn  3lb 6oz  23 1/2″ Pike

3rd PRIZE – Trevor Laminski  2lb 12oz  21 3/4″ Pike

4th PRIZE – Tyler Laminski  2lb 10oz  17″ Whitefish

Dawson Creek resident and BCWF Vice President Rick Mayer passed away on February 25, 2014. The North Peace Rod and Gun Club would like to express their sincere condolences to Rick’s family and friends and to express our gratitude for Rick’s many years of dedicated service to the people of British Columbia.


The BCWF’s Tribute to Rick Mayor.

Nick Baccante, regional section head for Fish and Wildlife, has provided the following Region 7b (Peace-Liard) files that can be opened up by Google Earth:



The following gpx file showing the management units in region 7b can be installed on your Garmin GPS:


Download the minutes of the June 25, 2012 North Peace Rod and Gun Club General Meeting.

General Meeting Minutes June 25, 2012

BC Hydro will be placing fish traps in the Peace, Moberly and Halfway Rivers between May 1 and October 29,, 2011 as part of the Site C fisheries study program. The aluminum traps may influence river navigation, so boaters should be aware of their presence. You can read more about the purpose of the traps and their locations in the accompanying document provided by BC Hydro.

BC Hydro Notice of Fish Trap Activities in the Peace, Halfway, and Moberly Rivers

The NPRG is hosting an Introduction to Trapshooting, Skeet, & Sporting Clays for NPSS students on May 19th from 8:30am-12:00pm.

Volunteers are requested to assist in putting this on. You can contact Vicki Nielsen to have your name added to the list as a volunteer. Contact numbers are 250.785.5377 or cell 250.793.9606


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