Executive 2012-2014

President Guy Lahaye 785-1442 Grounds/Buildings/Membership/3-Gun
Past President Mike Nielsen 785-5377  
Vice President Dave Bonar 785-3927 Trap

Directors 2016-2017

Jesper Amstrup 787-7925 Skeet/Sporting clays
Lynn Babuik 787-0973 Sporting Clays
Kaleb Bellamy   Wildlife Management
Ryan Berresheim    
Mark Drage 785-1802 Black Powder
Tammi Drapeau   Kids/Fishing
Justin Duke    
Rick Ekkel   Communications/Education
John Fisher 787-9108 Grounds/Buildings/Sporting Clays
Burk Forester   IPSC
Steve Hewitt 785-9527 Fundraiser
Ozzy Kehoe 785-6807 Indoor/Outdoor Pistol/IDPA
Jim Little 785-5365 Special Projects
Mike Mercanti   At Large
Tyler Mikkelson    Special Projects
Gregg Nicoll   Firearms/Shooting Sports
Bud Phillips 793-0242 IDPA Club Contact
Tell Szoo   Wildlife
Egon Wuth   IPSC

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