Note that the Guide Territory boundaries are accurate, but some territories have changed hands since the data files to create the map were created.

Download the the data files (KMZ/KML) to use in Google Earth or other applications.

Guide Territory Boundaries

Region 7B Wildlife Management Units


What an amazing weekend we had. The weather was great and there were a lot of happy people. Many kids from previous years of the Kids Learn to Fish program came out to join us to practice their skills and to encourage the the two full classes of 25 new kids each.
About half of the kids from the classes on Saturday came out on Sunday to the Fishing Derby to show off what they had learned. Our Kids 1st prize winner was actually in the Kids Learn to Fish program the day before! I absolutely love that we invite people to come out and play and relax and so many people came.
Here is a list of the winners from the Fishing Derby too.


1st PRIZE – Chris Lofgren   7lb 11oz   30 3/4″ Pike

2nd PRIZE – Kehlan Huhn   5lb  27 1/4″ Pike

3rd PRIZE –  Lane Navrati    3lb 10oz  24 3/4″ Pike

KIDS (15yrs & younger)

1st PRIZE – Liam Harris  3lb 10oz  19 1/2″ Whitefish

2nd PRIZE – Dreama Huhn  3lb 6oz  23 1/2″ Pike

3rd PRIZE – Trevor Laminski  2lb 12oz  21 3/4″ Pike

4th PRIZE – Tyler Laminski  2lb 10oz  17″ Whitefish

Over 60 shooters participated in the 2015 North Peace Rod and Gun Club registered sporting clays shoot. Wayne Norton was the high over-all finisher breaking 273 or 306 possible targets over the two-day event.


First Place Winners
Class Shooter Score (Out of 306)
HOA Wayne Norton 273
Master Tom Stenger 272
AA Cory Tuffs 250
A Troy Fitt 241
B Robert Allen 221
C Jeff Kitt 225
D Boyd Wedge 216
E Egon Ungurian 194
Vet Wayne Carlson 243
Spr Vet Fred White 211
Sub Jr. Cody Schramm 206
Lady Pat White 176
Full Results

2015 Sporting Clays Results

Photo Gallery


23 shooters, including a couple of juniors, enjoyed the good weather at his year’s PITA shoot.


HOA Larry Norbeck 546
Class A Larry Norbeck 546
Class B Tyler Mekkelson 533
Class C Bob Allan 502
Junior Ben Sharpe 60 + 70 = 130
Unclassified Reece Doherty
1st 25 Straight
1st 50 Straight
Singles 91 + 97 = 188
Event # 1 & 5 Singles
A Tip Johnson 98 + 92 = 190
B Tyler Mekkelson 95 + 94 = 189
C Bob Allan 85 + 89 = 174
Event # 2 Handicap
Short Danny Johnson 90
Long Larry Norbeck 91
Event # 3 & 4 Doubles
A Larry Norbeck 93 + 90 = 183
B Kevin Hammel 87 + 91 = 178
C Tip Johnson 90 + 80 = 170
Event # 6 Handicap
Short Tyler Mekkelson 90
Long Larry Norbeck 92

PAL July 5, 2015

RPAL To be determined if there is sufficient interest.

See the poster for more details and registration information.


Saturday, June 20, 2015 will be this year’s kids learn to fish day. There is a morning class and an afternoon class, each with room for 25 children ages 5 to 15. Registration will start on Monday, June 1, 2015 at Backcountry, and not before.

This year’s Father’s Day fishing derby is the following day, Sunday, June 21, 2015 starting at 8 AM at Charlie Lake.

Both events are sponsored by the North Peace Rod and Gun Club and Backcountry.

See the posters for more details. (Click to enlarge.)

Kids Learn to Fish Poster 2015

Fathers Day Fishing Derby Poster 2015

By joining the North Peace Rod and Gun Club, not only do you become a member of the BC Wildlife Federation, but you also get liability insurance provided by Capri insurance in Kelowna. Included in that insurance is liability related to the use of off road vehicles (ORV) while activity engaged in hunting and angling activities.

If you are operating your ORV on a Forest Service Road you must:

  1. Wear a helmet
  2. Carry a valid driver’s licence
  3. Show proof of a minimum of $200,000 liability insurance. The Capri insurance covers this if you are hunting or angling, but be sure to carry both your BCWF membership card and the Capri Certificate of Insurance.

These rules are nothing new and are not related to the new laws regarding ORV registration that came into effect in November 2014. The government recently extended the deadline for ORV registration to November 1, 2015.


QA_ORV Act_May2015


This report provides a summary of results from the annual Public Wildlife Count conducted by volunteers in the Peace Region during January 17th and 18th, 2015. This is the eighth year of this project and the results are compared with all (2008-2015) surveys. This project provides useful information for the management of our wildlife resources, and also provides the public with a great opportunity to get involved in wildlife inventory activities and citizen-science in the Peace Region.

The report also provides some information on feeding ungulates.


Ladies and Youth Core course held at the North Peace Rod and gun club Sunnyside drive.


May 11,13,15 6-9 pm

May 16 8am – 5 pm

Cost $60. For the course $20 for the book (best to read the book ahead of time).

Registration is at Backcountry.

Call Doug Gulevich @ 261-9895 for more details.

Registration details to follow.

Kids Learn to Fish Promo Poster

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