35 shooters overcame the torrential rains of Saturday and the sunny, but windy conditions of Sunday during the 2nd annual Sporting Clays Shoot at the North Peace Rod and Gun Club. Of the 35 shooters, 27 were men, 2 were women and 6 were juniors, with the youngest shooter being 11 years old and the oldest in his mid seventies. Kudos to the Sporting Clays Committee’s chairs Jesper Amstrup and John Fisher for all their hard work to make this a successful event.

Results Out of 280 Birds


Class Name Place Breaks
A Wayne Carlson 1st 244
A Brian Royan 2nd 242
A Tony Manuge 3rd 231
B Rick Mayor 1st 197
B Ron Brautigam 2nd 190
B Clark Lavalee 3rd 189
C Boyd Wedge 1st 166
C Willie Russel 2nd 163
C Dan McCormick 3rd 158
Ladies Kim Copley 1st 166
Ladies Lynette Kitt 2nd 156
Junior Cody Nadeau 1st 206
Junior Mason McDonald 2nd 196
Junior Clayton McCormick 2nd 196


2013 Fishing Derby Poster

The North Peace Rod and Gun Club has immediate openings for both full-time and part-time caretaker positions at their range facility at Charlie Lake. Successful applicant(s) should have good communication skills, basic repair & maintenance skills, be 19 years of age or older, and must have or be able to acquire a valid firearms PAL , ATV safety, and WHIMS. “Food safe” and “serving it right” tickets are assets. The caretakers are responsible for upkeep of range and club facilities throughout the year and include tasks such as clubhouse scheduling and membership renewals. For more information please contact Guy Lahaye, club president at (250) 785-1442. Submit resumes via email president@nprg.ca or mail to P.O. Box 6435, Fort St. John, BC, V1J 4H8.

All children must be registered prior to June 15, 2013 as there are limited spaces. Registration starts on June 1, 2013 by calling or dropping in to Backcountry. (250) 785-1461

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Learn to Fish 2013 Poster

The numbers were down for the 2013 Ram Buckle Shoot this year as only 23 shooters signed up for the shoot. In any event, the shoot went well aside from the wind playing havoc with the targets. The shoot consists of 5 events with singles, handicap and doubles the first day, and singles and handicap the second day.


Event #1

Event #2

A Les Lamerton Long Bob Coleman
B Mario Domenis Mid Wally Pence
C Ray Furman Long Fred Bihun
D Ray Furman

Event #3

Event #4

A Les Lamerton A Bob Coleman
B Bob Coleman B Danny Johnson
C Sigi Lanterhammer C Ray Furman
D Fred Bihun D Jack Port

Event #5

Long Bob Coleman
Mid Wally Pence
Short Tip Johnson

The Vet Class went to Larry Norbec, Junior Class went to Nick Skytte, Lady Cass went to Kathy Bonar and Unclassified went to Brett Thorpe. Our High Over All went to Bob Coleman, who shot 467 out of 500 targets in the high winds — good shooting Bob.

Thanks to all the shooters as many travelled from afar to get here. Thanks to all people who helped with the shoot and the meals. Hope you all had a good time and see you next year.

Dave Bonar

We have received a request Rachel Darvill to help her with collecting information towards completing her masters degree. The following provides some detail of what her project is all about and her request for your help.

Upper-Peace-River-Watershed Survey Image

Map of Project Area

Click image to view a larger version.


My name is Rachel Darvill and I am a Masters student in the Environment and Management program at Royal Roads University. I am conducting a research project in the Peace River region of British Columbia, and I am inviting you to participate in my research project.

I have created a survey and would like you to participate; to take the survey please visit:

The main objective of my research is to compare the use of ecosystem services across interest groups in your region. Ecosystem Services are those benefits that people receive from nature, such as food, water, scenic views, and recreational services. They are necessary for human well-being to persist.  Data collection for this research project will consist of an online survey, followed by mapping sessions, with a select number of participants. The survey will ask participants about their ecosystem service use within the Peace region.

Rod and Gun Club members have been chosen as a prospective participants because of your involvement or interest in the study area. You can choose to participate in either the survey or the mapping component, or both.  If you are interested in participating, please go to the survey link where you can find full details about the survey.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you might have about this research, or about participating in a mapping interview.

Thank you.


Rachel Darvill, BSc, MSc candidate- Environment and Management
PO Box 663, Golden, BC, V0A 1H0
Ph: 250.787.3918

Download the minutes of the April 29, 2013 North Peace Rod and Gun Club General Meeting.

General Minutes April 29, 2013

Download the minutes of the March 25, 2013 North Peace Rod and Gun Club General Meeting.

General Minutes March 25, 2013

The following are the responses of the 2013 Peace River North candidates to five questions related to fish and wildlife management. Also check below for the preamble that was sent to each candidate as an introduction to the questions.

Arthur Hadland – Independent

Judy Fox-McGuire – BC NDP

Pat Pimm – BC Liberals

Wyeth Sigurdson – BC Conservatives

North Peace Rod and Gun Club/Peace-Liard Region BC Wildlife Federation

Peace River North Candidates Questions


The North Peace Rod and Gun Club is a non-profit organization of hunters and anglers whose aims are to protect, enhance and promote the wise use of the environment. The club currently has over 750 members and has seen continuous growth in the past 5 years.

The club has a strong conservation ethic and continues to work on a variety of wildlife, habitat and educational projects.

The purpose of the attached questions is to inform our membership and other conservationists at large what they can expect from candidates. There are 5 questions with an introductory statement before each. Candidates may copy and paste the 5 questions and respond to them. Please keep your comments to a maximum of two pages.

The North Peace Rod and Gun Club will distribute the responses to members via email, and through its website. All responses will be considered public information.

Sporting Clays June 2013 Poster

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