Election 2013: Fish and Wildlife Management Questions for Candidates

The following are the responses of the 2013 Peace River North candidates to five questions related to fish and wildlife management. Also check below for the preamble that was sent to each candidate as an introduction to the questions.

Arthur Hadland – Independent

Judy Fox-McGuire – BC NDP

Pat Pimm – BC Liberals

Wyeth Sigurdson – BC Conservatives

North Peace Rod and Gun Club/Peace-Liard Region BC Wildlife Federation

Peace River North Candidates Questions


The North Peace Rod and Gun Club is a non-profit organization of hunters and anglers whose aims are to protect, enhance and promote the wise use of the environment. The club currently has over 750 members and has seen continuous growth in the past 5 years.

The club has a strong conservation ethic and continues to work on a variety of wildlife, habitat and educational projects.

The purpose of the attached questions is to inform our membership and other conservationists at large what they can expect from candidates. There are 5 questions with an introductory statement before each. Candidates may copy and paste the 5 questions and respond to them. Please keep your comments to a maximum of two pages.

The North Peace Rod and Gun Club will distribute the responses to members via email, and through its website. All responses will be considered public information.