Mass Casualty Report

A message from Steve Hamilton, Firearms Policy Coordinator, BC Wildlife Federation

I am sure you have likely seen by now the Mass Casualty Report released yesterday. We have released a media statement at the link below.

Please forward this to your member clubs and encourage them to share, and to get involved with their Members of Parliament.

The recommendations of the MCC include things such as wording that would imply a registry is coming. 

As well as:

  • Full ban on all semi auto – handguns, shotguns and rifles that discharge centrefire ammunition and are designed to accept detachable magazines with capacities of more than 5 rounds
  • Prohibit magazines that have the ability to accept more than 5 rounds (pinned) to close the loopholes 
  • Require a PAL to possess ammunition 
  • Require a PAL to buy magazines 
  • Only allow purchase of ammunition for gun that the user is licensed for.

This is just a high-level overview of their recommendations and by no means a full list.

We need every member and supporter to get involved. As you can see, without a strong action of engagement, we are going to lose more than we already have.

The Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights website contains more information.