National Range Day 2023

The North Peace Rod and Gun Club, along with many clubs across Canada, is celebrating National Range Day on Saturday June 3, 2023! National Range Day is a day created to recognize the 2.3 million licensed gun owners who responsibly, legally, and safely own and use firearms in Canada.

National Range Day is a perfect day for gun owners to take out new shooters and get them familiarized with shooting sports.

National Range Day Poster June 3, 2023 North Peace Rod and Gun 10AM to 3PM

The range will be open for the pubic to try out the different shooting activities the North Peace Rod and Gun Club supports.

We will start the day at 10:00am and end the day at 3:00pm.

Our fire pit operating where you will be able to roast a hot dog and something to drink(water, coffee, hot chocolate).

National Range Day is a program of the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights. We need to preserve our sport for future generations and we need you to spread the word about this important day!