Pat Pimm’s MLA First Nations Stakeholders Advisory Committee Documentation

The Federal government along with Federal courts have recently ruled in favour of first nations gaining access to parts of their traditional territories as land in fee simple terms. It is because of these rulings that the Provincial government is now working with first nations across the Province to identify parcels of land that that could be utilized for future and current land transfers.

In the Northeastern part of British Columbia, we also have Site C that is presently under construction and could also see some lands being transferred to First Nations as a result of some of their traditional territory being lost to flooding of the valley for the project and all other crown tenures, and resident interests.

Further Information

MLA First Nations Stakeholder Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

Map of Peace Area Access Concerns (Google Map)

Pat Pimm’s Presentation to Peace River Regional District

Crown Land Presentations

Fort St John Area

Peace Moberly Lake Area

Pink Mountain

Rose Prairie-Goodlow Area

Correspondence with Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation the Honourable John Rustad

Committee Recommendations Report to Minister Rustad

Minister Rustad’s Response to Committee Recommendations

Minister Rustad’s Letter of Commitment to the Committee

Stakeholder Committee Report

The purpose of this report is to identify parcels of land that have been set aside by Government that could possibly be involved in future Government discussions with First Nations. In clarification, this report has been compiled and edited by MLA Pat Pimm as a source of education for public policy users.

MLA Pat Pimm’s Stakeholder Advisory Committee Report