Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW)

The North Peace Rod and Gun Club have now been proud sponsors of two BOW programs, the first in May 2001 at Moberly Lake and the second in June 2003 at King’s Valley Christian Camp.

BOW Workshops
These workshops are designed for women nineteen years and older to provide opportunities for women to learn skills used in hunting, angling, and other outdoor related activities.

These workshops are for you if:
You have never tried these activities, but have hoped for an opportunity to learn,
You are a beginner who hopes to improve your skills,
You know how to do some of these activities, but would like to try some new ones,
You are looking for the camaraderie of like minded individuals.

Courses are offered in three areas of interest, Angling, Shooting & Hunting, and other Outdoor Recreation Skills. Each BOW workshop offers approximately twenty courses, of which each participant selects four.

BOW Weekend?
Each workshop spans a weekend starting at noon on Friday, and concluding noon on Sunday. The weekend is divided into four blocks of instruction each three to four hours in duration. Special evening activities are interesting, informative and fun. Emphasis is on the enjoyment that goes with the social side of outdoor activities.

Workshops are generally held at outdoor camps or resorts. The atmosphere is outdoorsy but comfortable. Participants will stay in lodges, dormitories or cabins that maybe rustic, but have modern basic amenities. Meals are provided and cooked by the camp staff. The focus of the weekend is learning in an appropriate, comfortable atmosphere.

Workshops promote outdoor skills, hunting, angling and outdoor recreation as a family activity. Encouraging women to become more active and familiar with our provincesâ natural resources. The instructors and helpers are patient and supportive. Participants share in the success of each class member. The lessons are hands-on, non-competitive, where each individual learns at their own pace. The Firearms Safety course (held the first evening of the BOW weekend) is mandatory for anyone wishing to participate in any of the Firearms activities.

The framework for the BOW program in BC started in 1996. The first BOW workshop was conducted in Winfield in 1997 hosting over eighty participants. Since its beginning there has been two or three programs per year and it is anticipated that this will continue well into the future.

Please contact the BC Wildlife Federation for further information or registration applications. If you wish to be placed on their mail list please send your name and address.
BC Wildlife Federation
#303-19292 60th Avenue
Surrey, BC V3S 8E5
1-800-533-2293 office
1-604-533-1592 fax

If you wish to view the international site which contains information on the Beyond BOW and BOW TOO programs along with future North American workshop schedules, visit