The North Peace Rod and Gun Club will be hosting the BC Backcountry Hunters and Anglers and the Wild Sheep Society of BC for “pint night” to discuss the upcoming proposals for regulation changes for elk, moose, mountain goats and mule deer. Come and join us at 7:30 PM on Thursday, October 24, 2019.

CWD Poster Fall 2018

Attention Peace Region 7B hunters near Fort St. John and Dawson Creek! Please submit heads of harvested deer, elk, and moose for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) testing.

As an incentive for hunters to submit harvested heads for CWD sampling, Backcountry in Fort St. John is running a draw to win a Tikka rifle package. Drop your heads off at one of our participating locations and receive an entry for the draw package. You can then submit your information to Backcountry for your chance to win!

Head drop-off locations include:

  • Front Counter BC (Fort St. John): 10003 110 Avenue.
  • Front Counter BC (Dawson Creek): 9000 17th
  • North Peace Rod and Gun Club (Fort St. John): 13300 Sunnyside Drive (near Charlie Lake)
  • Richards Meats (Pouce Coupe): Patterson Road.
  • Peace Taxidermy: 10443 Upper Cache Road (between Fort St. John and Hudson’s Hope)

If you are familiar with Chronic Wasting Disease or CWD and the potential effects on cervid (members of the deer family) populations, you will understand why wildlife managers and hunters alike are concerned about the potential spread of this disease into British Columbia.  If you have never heard of this disease then please learn about it.  Look at the resources listed at the end of this and start to understand this threat to our wildlife.  CWD could enter BC by a number of ways: from live infected animals moving to BC, by hunters transporting certain animal parts across borders, and even through hay, contaminated with the disease-causing agent, a prion, transported from an infected region. While no cervids sampled from BC have tested positive for CWD, the sample size from the Peace region is small and proactive surveillance in areas of higher risk such as near the Alberta border, is critical to early detection and, if necessary, response. Unfortunately, Alberta does have the disease and in spite of aggressive management, deer positive for CWD continue to be found and move closer to BC.

More information about CWD is available at: Chronic Wasting Disease BCincluding a slide show with information about CWD surveillance efforts in BC (CWD Slide Show), how to prepare and submit a head for sampling (Sample Preparation), and an informative pamphlet (Pamphlet) as well as contacts for more information.

You can also contact the Regional Coordinator with questions or comments:

Brian Paterson, Peace Region CWD Coordinator


BC Wildlife Health Program

As a follow-up to a recent posting, here is the presentation given by Cait Nelson, provincial wildlife health biologist, given at the North Peace Rod and Gun Club on Monday, June 26, 2017. The main messages are:

  • CWD exists in Canada
  • CWD has NOT been confirmed in BC with over 3400 wildlife samples processed
  • We need to keep sampling
  • Far too few samples are being provided in the BC Peace

CWD Guide Image


“The federal government has quietly issued a warning that a progressive and fatal neurological disease affecting deer, elk, and moose populations in western Canada and the United States for decades might infect humans.”

CWD Animal

Read the full article.

Cait Nelson, provincial wildlife health biologist, will be at the North Peace Rod and Gun Club at 7 PM tomorrow to talk about Chronic Wasting Disease.


Now that hunting season is in full swing and you switch your focus to deer, please consider bringing a head into the gun club to participate in very important research into Chronic Wasting Disease. We are now participating in “hats 4 heads”, so if you bring in a head for sampling, you will receive one of the program hats. If you are worried about the integrity of your head because you are considering taxidermy or a mount of some kind, that can be accommodated.

Hats for Heads


CWD What Does a Good Sample Look Like

BC Provincial Government scientists are once again petitioning hunters to help in providing deer, elk and moose head samples to further the research on Chronic Wasting Disease in British Columbia. So far there are no known cases of CWD in BC, but this disease is across the border in Alberta.

If you are a hunter, or know a hunter, you can pick up a sample kit at the North Peace Rod and Gun Club and if you harvest a deer, elk or moose this year, the sample can be brought to the freezers at the NPRG Club.

The following documents provide more information:

2016 CWD Press Release

CWD Heads Wanted

CWD Hunter Factsheet

CWD What You Need to Know