Region 7B Wildlife And Ecosystem Restoration Raffle

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Dall's Sheep Raffle Poster

We’re excited to release our second annual Region 7B Wildlife Raffle. All funds generated from this raffle will go towards wildlife and eco-restoration projects in Region 7B. This year we are working with the same great partners as last year to provide a one of a kind hunt package for a lucky winner. The previous winner harvested a great 10 year old ram on his hunt with Northcurl and is featured on this year’s raffle poster.

GRAND PRIZE: Yukon Dall Sheep hunt with Northcurl Outfitters, a travel voucher provided by the NPRGC, and a shoulder mount 100% donated by Inuksuk Wildlife Studios. Value of this prize is $26,700 CAD
The grand prize was partially donated by Northcurl Outfitters, owned by Mac Watson. The Dall Sheep horseback hunt starts in Whitehorse, YK where you will stay a night or two before being flown into one of the remote camps in a bush plane. This is a 10-day trip, typically by horseback, that will take place take place August 20 to 31, 2021 however it can be rescheduled to a later date if you cannot make those dates work. Included in the trip are tags for 2 wolves and 1 wolverine, and there is an opportunity to harvest other species for an additional fee. A non-hunter may also accompany for an additional fee. Includes all costs during the hunt, charter flights, licenses & tag fees, goods and services tax (GST) and hunter preservation fees. Gratuities for hunt crew not included.

Mac Watson is a 3rd generation outfitter originally from the Peace Region. His grandfather started outfitting in Region 7B in the 1940’s and the Watson family continued to outfit in the area until 2005 before starting to outfit in the Yukon, and he still has family situated in 7B. His rich history in region 7B and his passion for wildlife conservation resulted in his support of this raffle.

The travel voucher is $1500 CAD and is intended to get the hunter from their residence to Whitehorse, YK. It can be used for any method of travel, so if the hunter chooses they can drive up to Whitehorse in their own vehicle and experience the beautiful Alaska Highway, or they can use it for airfare.

The members of the NPRGC have a long history of supporting landscape level projects to enhance wildlife health and abundance through financial contributions and countless volunteer hours. Some examples include supporting a major predator control program in the northern Rocky Mountains in the 1980’s, prescribed fires for wildlife habitat in the Peace Moberly Track and the Tuchodi River Valley, an elk transplant on the Dunlevy Inlet of Williston Lake, and promoting sampling for chronic wasting disease.

The shoulder mount from Inuksuk Wildlife Studios was donated 100% by owner Myles Hanson, located in Fort St. John, BC. A prime example of Myles work can be seen at the North Peace Airport in the form of a full mount stone sheep. “As a company rooted in the 7B region of BC, Inuksuk Wildlife Studio is more than happy to support this raffle, seeing conservation in our region being taken seriously” – Myles Hanson, owner.

SECOND PRIZE: Swarovski EL 10×42 Binoculars, partially donated by Backcountry in Fort St. John. Value of this prize is $3300 CAD. “Backcountry is happy to partner with the NPRGC in this fundraising effort. As residents of this region and members of the hunting and fishing fraternity we should all take a good look at what is happening around us and try to take an active role in maintaining or better yet, improving our wildlife populations and our future hunting and fishing opportunities. This raffle is a great start!” – Steve Hewitt, Co-Owner

Future list of projects that will be funded by NPRGC:

Currently re-applying for a burn program in the Tuchodi River valley in partnership with Wild Sheep Society of BC and Tuchodi River Outfitters. Currently no approvals have been obtained, but this process will be ongoing this winter.

NPRGC, along with the WSSBC, has started to build burn plans by hiring a local biologist. This was done as government is starting to step back from wildlife burns, so as a conservation group we have to step up and do it on our own.


At the September board meeting, the NPRGC board approved $5000 in funds towards the Williston Lake Herd Health and Habitat Assessment in Region 7. This project is taking place on the Northern shores of Williston Lake along the Peace Arm. This project began in 2019 and is projected to run to 2024. Some of the funds used from the NPRGC contribution will go towards the cost of the net gunner required to collar approximately 20 sheep this winter.

Past Projects funded by NPRGC:

2017 Tuchodi River Sheep Ecorestoration Burns
2018 Pink Mountain Bison Herd Range Survey
2013-2019 Mountain Goat Population Surveys

Questions or comments please contact:
Kaleb Bellamy –– 250-793-0066

Ticket purchasers must be 19 years of age or older. If a winning ticket bears a minor’s name, the prize will be lawfully delivered on behalf of the minor to the minor’s parent, legal guardian or trustee.

Tickets may be sold and purchased only in British Columbia.

Rules of play.

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Or offline at the North Peace Rod and Gun Club (FSJ), Backcountry (FSJ) and Corlan’s Dawson Creek