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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Dear NPRGC Members:

With information compiled from various firearm related organizations, advocacy groups and the NPRGC’s interpretation of the proposed bill we are asking for a,

*Call to action: Bill C-21 & it’s most recent Amendments means we need to contact SECU Cabinet Committee and all Senators to oppose its adoption (if you have already done so thank you).

Many of us are still reeling from being blindsided by the most recent federal government attack on firearm owners with the last minute Tuesday, November 22, 2022 Amendment to Bill C-21 and the banning of hundreds more classifications of firearms – resulting in millions more firearms being prohibited. Digesting the full implications of what it will mean for firearm owners, our shooting sports, the NPRGC and rural values regarding rights and privileges to hunting in general will take some time, so as we figure it out, we need you – all our members – engaged.


That Bill C-21, in Clause 1, be amended by adding after line 15 on page 1 the following:
(g) a firearm that is a rifle or shotgun, that is capable of discharging centre-fire ammunition in a semi-automatic manner and that is designed to accept a detachable cartridge magazine with a capacity greater than five cartridges of the type for which the firearm was originally designed
If you are concerned, disturbed, frustrated or angry about this latest Liberal Firearms fiasco and what is happening in the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security (SECU) committee regarding bill C-21, and you should be – email your concerns directly to  

Here are some things you may like to mention: the Amendment to C-21 is:

UnCanadian/lack of transparency – the sneaky introduction of an amendment of this magnitude, inserted at last minute, cutting off the ability to provide input by stakeholders is unacceptable, etc. Amendments are typically introduced at the beginning of debate during second or third reading to facilitate meaningful input by all of our elected members of parliament.

A Financial Albatross – Costs of “Liberal Buy Back Program “ are predicted to spiral out of control and greatly exceed the $2 billion spent on the failed long-gun registry at a time when money could be spent in more constructive ways – now estimated at 8 billion dollars with latest additions, not counting the cost of litigation resulting from Bill C – 21. Money better spent on Health Care, Border Security, etc

The last minute amendment does nothing for Public Safety – but a complete disregard for 2 million highly vetted BC and Canadian Firearm owners, target shooters and hunters. Confiscating Grandpa’s shotgun does not make BC, or our country, any safer – definitely a slap in the face

Totally disrespectful of the rights, privileges and values – of Rural BC and Canada, the hunting fraternity, and indigenous values

Divisive – divides urban south and rural north Canada as well as along Canada East and Canada West lines. Caters only urbanite non firearm owners

The list of firearms that could become prohibited through Bill C-21 includes firearms that not only are commonly used in hunting and recreational shooting, but also look like hunting firearms and are not “military style”, thus targeting sports shooters and especially hunters – the ability to provide for positive family recreational experiences at the range or hunting in the field, impacts the ability to put renewable consumptive resources – food – on the table across BC and Canada for that matter

Political – the liberal government’s irrational politics – this issue is emotional, not rational, and the facts that highly vetted law abiding firearm owners are not responsible for firearm crime in the country – does not matter – it is in an emotional argument. Liberal government just wants British Columbians and Canadians to “feel safe” ignoring the real Public Safety issues – gang violence, smuggling, etc.

Other – ideas and concerns you may have

Keep it classy and respectful and it will likely be included as a written brief on the website. Make them hear you!

Additionally, email the Senators in Ottawa.  The Senate is the next step in this abusive process in passing the C-21 Amendment.  This is the last chance to stop this horrible waste of taxpayers money, and confiscation of our hunting and recreation tools as the Liberal Government wants this legislation through the Senate by Xmas – So time is of the essence, if you are to have your say!
The Senators email address are all here:

Proposed Bill C-21 as recently amended:

Proposed list of prohibited firearms: (Tracey Wilson’s Letter)

Guy Lahaye, Past President

Rick Ekkel, President email:
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