What Firearms Are Reasonable and Proportionate for Hunting in Canada.

The Ontario Federation of Anglers an Hunters (OFAH) recently released a report titled: What Firearms Are Reasonable and Proportionate for Hunting in Canada. This wasn’t something that came out of the blue, and it certainly didn’t come together overnight. It was 15 months in the making, but it has been needed for decades.

Recently, Matt Demille of OFAH swore three affidavits that were filed with the Federal Court during the last week of September, and each of them was for three separate applicants in court proceedings against the Government of Canada related to the May 2020 firearms prohibitions. Matt was asked to provide my expert opinion on whether firearms prohibited by the Order in Council (OIC) are reasonable for hunting in Canada.

The primary exhibit for those affidavits was this 68-page report that examined and summarized his findings on that very question. The report is already on record through the courts, but the OFAH released it publicly because it can also have tremendous value for informing the ever-important court of public opinion.

The primary objective of the report was to examine the OIC-prohibited firearms, but in doing so the findings address some of the fundamental misunderstandings and misconceptions related to firearms and their relationship with hunting. Lack of understanding and misconceptions are often at the core of many firearms discussions.

The Report

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